A Little Bit About Me


I currently reside in Krakow, PL, my self-prescribed homeland (I am Polish but only half), along with my loving boyfriend Adam. He is also a writer, and far greater than I, who just received a publishing contract for his first novel, LURK!  Check it out his website, he posts way more interesting things than I do.

My true home is Boston, where my friends, family, and buffalo chicken pizza reside.

My main interests lie in science fiction and fantasy, because I like to delve into the complete unknown. I love to create, whether it be an impossible space ship or a terrific beast. My inspiration stems from my intense obsession with all things Star Trek, especially Klingon.

Sorry there’s not much more here, but if you care to know me better than read what I write, for that is the best look inside of my mind you could ever hope to get. But bring a light of some sort, it’s pretty dark in there.

If you want to contact me here’s my email: Hcbialic@gmail.com

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