Book Recommendations 

Living in Poland for the last 8 months has given me two things: high blood sugar and a lot of free time. I have spent most of it reading and writing. So, if you happen to be in need or a good read I highly suggest the following titles. For some of these I’m definitely at least five years late to the party, but if I missed them that means at least a couple other people might have too. 
-The Water Sign by C. S. Samulski

-The Dreaming Void Trilogy by Peter F. Hamilton

-Embassytown by China Miéville

-All books that comprise the Witcher Saga by Andrzej Sapkowski (including the two short story compilations)

-The book adaptation of the British sci fi sitcom Red Dwarf

-The Three-Body Problem and The Dark Forest by Liu Cixin

-Battle Royale by Kōshun Takami


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